Endorsements 2021

The work of a Trustee is working relationships and constant advocacy. I appreciated the opportunity to talk with Texas Representative Giovanni Capriglione about the extremely important topic of cyber security, and his bill HB3743 that bolsters privacy protections for students. Rep. Capriglione was our public education ally on Texas House Bill 3 which reduced taxes, cut RobinContinue reading “Endorsements 2021”

Endorsement: State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione

View the endorsement on Facebook GCISD Election Early Voting Ends Today – Vote Becky St John. I wanted to encourage you all to vote in the GCISD Trustee election going on right now, turnout in Grapevine is at a record pace for this type of race. Becky St John is the only candidate in thisContinue reading “Endorsement: State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione”

Endorsement: Former Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame

Watch the full video endorsement on Facebook. “Hi, I’m former Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame, and I’m endorsing Becky St. John for the GCISD School Board. My family and I have known Becky for over 25 years, and I’ve worked with her for over 7 years, and I’ve always known Becky to be a dedicatedContinue reading “Endorsement: Former Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame”