Every Child Counts in GCISD

If our school board gets into the wrong hands, their goal to return to only the four basics would gut our district. One candidate has (unlawful) ideas regarding the clustering of dyslexic & Special Ed students to save money. Another plans to drop “wants” and focus on “needs.” What does that mean?

Becky opposes cuts that would whittle GCISD to the “basic” minimum. If we don’t offer a well rounded education, families will move out of district to find it. Our kids need to be prepared for the 21st century workforce. #CountOnBecky to make every child count!

8% of our students need special education inclusion in the classroom in the manner determined by their educators & parents, per federal law.

Families move to GCISD for our award winning GT programs, now representing over 20% of our students. In addition we offer AP and accelerated courses for all kids who desire a higher level of rigor.

24% of our families are economically disadvantaged. GCISD must continue to ensure a healthy and supportive learning environment.

Over 90% of our kids participate in extracurricular activities and pursue classes beyond “basic” graduation requirements. Both factor into GCISD’s high graduation rates and workforce-ready grads.

30% of students take Career and Tech courses that prepare them for STEM, public service, business & industry, and health care jobs.

Count the number of programs that could be cut if our board gets into the wrong hands: GT LEAD, Special Education, Dyslexia Intervention, STEM, Fine Arts, Athletics, ASPIRE, AVID, Collegiate Academy, Dual Language, iUniversity Prep, Leader in Me, Subject Telescoping, No Excuses U, Pre-K, Multi-Level Core Class Options, GT AP, Languages, Special Services

Students are counting on YOU!

Please vote on SATURDAY — 7AM to 7PM

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