Election Results Are In! Thank You!

FINAL RESULTS!! 53%-47%, 5,755-5,062!! Thank you GCISD voters! Purpose, Community, Innovation–this is GCISD and you can #CountOnBecky! And to all of the volunteers who made this happen, thank you for your faith and trust in me; I do not take that lightly! I would also like to congratulate Sergio on a well-run, honest campaign; theContinue reading “Election Results Are In! Thank You!”

Every Child Counts in GCISD

If our school board gets into the wrong hands, their goal to return to only the four basics would gut our district. One candidate has (unlawful) ideas regarding the clustering of dyslexic & Special Ed students to save money. Another plans to drop “wants” and focus on “needs.” What does that mean? Becky opposes cutsContinue reading “Every Child Counts in GCISD”


I want to make this known in the clearest terms possible: I absolutely, unequivocally denounce the abhorrent, completely unacceptable behavior displayed at the Colleyville City Hall polls, towards a city council candidate. There is no justification nor tolerance for that, nor will I accept it from anyone associated with my campaign.

Last Day of Early Voting

I have the best volunteers helping with my re-election! Check out this fun video from one of them. Thank you all so much for your help. I couldn’t do it without your support!We have one more day of early voting 7-7 today. Let’s get out the vote! Watch the Video!

The Truth is Simple

The simplest answer is usually the correct answer, and the truth about GCISD is that we are a top-ranked school district that has prioritized cutting the tax rate, reducing Robin Hood and increasing teacher pay while providing a multitude of academic experiences for all students including Career and Tech certifications, GT and STEM Academy, CollegiateContinue reading “The Truth is Simple”