GCISD is Outstanding!

Here is a running list of the most recent awards and recognitions for Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District. Fact: GCISD is highly rated by the Texas Education Agency. (Check out what I found out!) National & International GCISD announces record number of AP Scholars. Cannon Elementary: A GCISD STEM School has been named a 2020-2021 ITEEA STEMContinue reading “GCISD is Outstanding!”

CHHS O.U.R. Rescue Color Run

Thank you to CHHS Student Leadership for their invitation to the Color Run this morning, benefiting O.U.R. Rescue! These students have been taking a stand against human trafficking for 7 years, raising almost $45,000 in that time. I appreciate the students’ advocacy on this extremely important issue impacting children, teens, and adults. If you’d likeContinue reading “CHHS O.U.R. Rescue Color Run”

I will always fight for the reputation of our teachers and the excellent academics they deliver in GCISD.

I asked the Texas Education Association (TEA) for verification on false information attributed to them. Here is their response, and the real information on GCISD’s rating. I have been involved in our schools since my kids entered Kindergarten. I will always fight for the reputation of our teachers and the excellent academics they deliver inContinue reading “I will always fight for the reputation of our teachers and the excellent academics they deliver in GCISD.”

STAAR Outage April 6

Not only are our kids more than a test score, they don’t deserve this! We’ve had our doors open since Day 1 of this school year and our kids have been working harder than ever before managing online platforms and navigating a pandemic. Contact info for TEA Student Assessment Division: (512)-463-9536 studenta@tea.texas.gov.

Softball Opening Day & Wall of Honor Ceremony

Spent the morning as GCISD/GPARD liaison attending the Softball Opening Day and Wall of Honor Ceremony, and recognizing yet again volunteers who commit time and effort to ensure kids have opportunities to compete, learn life lessons, and make friends. Excited to see that two GCISD students received very generous scholarships from Friends of GBS! InContinue reading “Softball Opening Day & Wall of Honor Ceremony”

Supporting our GCISD staff Superheroes!

Super grateful to all of our GCISD staff Superheroes who got us through the big freeze! It was an absolute pleasure to serve our employees today to thank them for going above and beyond in February to maintain our campuses and limit the damage to facilities. “It’s not like this everywhere.” GCISD is a TopContinue reading “Supporting our GCISD staff Superheroes!”

Vietnam War Veterans Day

This week marked Vietnam War Veterans Day and we would be remiss not to pause and remember. From performing of the national anthem at events, to recognizing seniors at graduation choosing to enter the military, to the annual Veterans Day ceremonies on GCISD campuses in November, GCISD students appreciate those who have served our country,Continue reading “Vietnam War Veterans Day”