Endorsement: Former Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame

Watch the full video endorsement on Facebook.

“Hi, I’m former Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame, and I’m endorsing Becky St. John for the GCISD School Board. My family and I have known Becky for over 25 years, and I’ve worked with her for over 7 years, and I’ve always known Becky to be a dedicated leader committed to this community. Becky’s passionate about educating all students and preserving schools and programs that make this district great. She’s also committed to working with local public safety agencies to secure our campuses. Becky is the right person for this job. … … Election Day is Saturday, June 16th. Please vote for Becky St. John. Thank you.”

— Former Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame 

Response from Becky: Thank you to former Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame for this endorsement! I have known Chief Salame and his family for years, both as public safety colleagues when I was a park ranger and as friends and neighbors. Chief Salame was instrumental in the creation of the Community Outreach Center which has provided vital services to our GCISD students and residents, and he leaves a legacy of cooperation between GCISD and local entities that is critical to keeping our students and campuses safe. I appreciate his support for my election! Election Day is Saturday June 16, 7am-7pm.

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