Recap of March 29, 2021 Board of Trustees Meeting

Very long but productive board meeting last night with much good news!

The Spring Health Update was passed by the majority of the board in support of bringing parents and volunteers back on campuses, adjusting quarantine timeframes to help keep students(and teachers) in classrooms, and holding social events and celebrations such as elementary field days and senior picnics! This is wonderful news for our students, and is only possible thanks to the diligence of our community, particularly GCISD staff. The full update can be found on the district website. I want to reiterate, this update is for this spring only. Fall planning is just now beginning but based on the information at the meeting last night, I am extremely optimistic that the 21-22 school year will look even better!

In addition, the Board unanimously authorized the refunding of a portion of the 2011 bonds, which will result in a substantial rate reduction from 5% to approximately 1% and cost savings of about $8 million to district taxpayers on those bonds alone. The cost to issue the refunding is minimal compared to the huge savings and will also set up the district for additional future prepayments, thus continuing the trend of aggressive debt reduction. Sound fiscal policies and strong financial management has equated to nearly $100 million in direct interest savings to GCISD taxpayers over the years, without big tax rate increases.

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