Election, Note from Becky

There’s going to be a Runoff Election — and I need your help!

I’ve never been a politician but unfortunately our kids’ education has been turned into a political football. My opponents are spending tens of thousands of dollars to convince our friends and neighbors that we somehow have terrible problems with our GCISD schools, that the school district is failing, and that preparing our kids for a complex and demanding future is somehow insulting to the past.

You and I know it’s not true. Our kids, our parents, our teachers, and our schools are amazing!

We have programs for future farmers and nurses, for engineers and floral designers and everything in between. Building on the best curriculum in the State, we’ve added specialized programs like STEM, Collegiate Academy, iUniversity Prep, GT, ASPIRE, and Dual Language programs. Students are thriving in athletics and the arts. We are sending more kids to college and developing opportunities for those who choose another path.

After trying to buy the general election, they are now trying to buy the runoff election too … We expect them to spend at least *another* $20,000!

I am doing my best to fight off this outside attack but I need your help!

Please VOTE!

Election Day is June 16 (early voting June 4-12). Click for voting details.

Please DONATE.

I am up against a Goliath political machine. They are outspending me at least by 10x. If everyone gave just $25, or $50, or a little more … We can win this! Click here to donate.

Thank you!
— Becky

P.S. If you would prefer to mail your donation, please send it to:
Treasurer, Becky St. John for GCISD
2809 Stonehurst Dr.
Grapevine, TX. 76051